Lisa (bowiechaser) wrote in bean_daily,

Looking for a specific pic...

OK, my computer wallpaper is this HAWT pic of Sean, but sometimes I want a little variety, but I do NOT want to lose my Sean pic. It's VERY similar to , but in mine, he is looking a little more up and his mouth isn't peeping open. I got that pic I just showed from the "full of beans" site, and it's the closest to mine I've found. I can't recall if I got my pic from here, or another Sean-loving group, but I thought you guys could really help! In my pic, there is a little red scrolly-looking tag in the bottom left corner, so I am thinking that is by whomever "fixed" that! I need to get a copy of that pic to my photobucket account so that I can occasionally swap my pics around!

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