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My Premiere Pictures

This is an update to my experience going to NT premiere on November 8th - only by the red carpet though, not the private event. I've cross posted on bean_uncensored.

Thanks to mrsbean, I'm able to post my pictures from the National Treasure premiere. As you can see, they didn't come out well, but I did manage to get a small side view of Sean (first picture), which I didn't realize I even had until I enlarged the photo about 400%.

The cheery one in the last picture is Billy, the usher who finally understood my BeanObsession and helped me at least get to see him.

Sean - sorry it couldn't be bigger

Of course, my luck would be to get close to Nic

Jon Voight

Cary was the first star we saw. He came before everyone else.

Billy, the usher

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