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Find a story of meet Sean and Viggo from Bean Buffs

Find a story of met Sean and Viggo wrote by athelas from Bean Buffs. She met Viggo in Tokyo when he signed books at the Tower Record. Since she took a ticket of Macbeth for signing, Viggo wrote down "Hello, Sean!" and want her to take it to Sean. Then she flight to London to watch Macbeth and lucky to met Sean here. When Sean saw her note with Viggo's signature, he was very happy and voluntary to write a return messenger of "Hello, Vigo" and sign his name of Beano. At last, athelas scanned the messenger and mail to Viggo's Perceval Press.
It is a wonderful story and make me feel high.

See the whole story please click (I crossed the ocean to be a messenger)
Thanks athelas for sharing it.

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