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SOS from a distressed Sean-fan!!

Ladies, the unthinkable has happened. My computer has wiped itself, and everything on it is gone, including EVERY SINGLE sean picture I have ever collected *wails* (oh, and all my degree work too...)
In particular there were some caps from the Rifleman Harris diaries of Sean poking his head round his dressingroom door among other stuff. These ones were gorgeous and SO rare, and I wondered if anyone still had these or knew where I could get them. I'd really appreciate this!

Lo! I even come bearing gifts to sweeten the deal!

After eons of lurking I thought I'd make my own contribution for the first time. Behind the cut lies a selection box of sean pics from various roles - kind of like a chocolate selection box, only tastier and fewer calories...

Ps - If any of this fails to show up, forgive me - I've not done this before


My beloved Ranuccio's back...and lots of smoke. For some reason. Cunningly concealed tattooBaby needs a band-aid and a cuddle Better make that a band-aid, a cuddle and a motheaten blanket...This picture is amazing just for his eyes. I mean LOOK at them! The man looks like some kind of stubbly panther!

 Sensational hair here. I wonder how long it took in makeup to give him that authentic 'dishevelled' look? Maybe they just held him up by the ankles for a few hours.If shirtless Mellors can't persuade you to help me out in my quest for pictures, no-one can.  Apologetic!Sharpe: "I'm sorry, ladies, but there really is only one of me. You'll just have to form an orderly queue, I'm afraid."  Caravaggio: "Ack! Can't....quite...reach....pretty...boy...."  Feral!Sharpe. Rowr. With stunning eyebrow action and more sensational hair.

Enjoy! (And feel my pain!)

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