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Edit: Sorry to anyone who still wishes to view the pictures here, but I'm about 3 hits away from going over my bandwidth so I need to take them down. If anyone would like to see the pictures, here is the address to my Photobucket Album -->

Okay, I've been a lurker for a while here. And I blame all of you for my new found love of this man. I've been completely in love with Viggo Mortensen for years and now I'm adding Sean to the list too and my friends think it's weird. (Let's just say that me and their children could have attended the same school.) But who cares. They're sexy and talented and amazing.

So I decided to post a few pictures. (Or a lot. Dial-up, I apologize.) They're all old and I'm sure they've probably been posted before, but who cares. You can never get too much of this man. Nope.


So, I saw 'National Treasure' yesterday (which was awesome), then today I watched 'Don't Say A Word', one of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite Sean Bean performances (to be quite honest though, I haven't seen that many). One which I think is highly underrated in this community.

I mean, he's sinister and broody and dressed in black and he has way more than just a small 10 minute snippet. And yet I don't think anyone has mentioned it as long as I've been here. So here are a few caps (and some normal pics at the end) to inspire you all to love the movie as much as I do.

I mean... the voice! *dies and lets you move on to the pictures*

The eyes. Dear lord the eyes. I tampered with the pic a little so you could see them better. They're so green!

And one more of the eyes...

And now onto real!sean...

He cleans up so well!

And I'll leave you with the stare that could melt any woman.

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