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Hi all,

As it's Dec.1st, I thought I'd wheel out the Xmas icons. Here's what I have so far...

Xmas Sean Logo

I don't want a lot for Xmas

Dear Santa...

All I Want For Xmas

Ok, I admit it, I just HAD to use the leather trousers photo. It's just too jaw-droppingly hot for words. And it's not very often I'm speechless!

Feel free to snag what you like, and credit where appropriate, hope you like them!

Also, when I was watching UKTV History channel on Monday, I spotted "Decisive Weapons". Well, maybe spotted is the wrong word, I heard Sean's dulcet tones, and stopped channel hopping!! Proof that this man can make anything interesting, even paper fuel tanks for Mustang jets (now why couldn't he record revision tapes?! I'm sure any info would sink in better in his sweet voice!). I've found a copy on Amazon, but I'm sure there must be more out there somewhere! Check it out if you get the chance. I was just disappointed that I tuned in at 6:30pm, when the DAY OF PROGRAMMES finished at 7pm. :S Just thinking about all that lovely Sean commentary I missed is enough to make me sick!!

Was anyone else lucky enough to see all the shows?

KuwtieBunny x

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