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"Flowers On A Lamp-Post" Debate...

OK, this question goes out to all the other Yorkshire/Sheffield girls:-

Is it or is it not Sean Bean reading the poem "Flowers On A Lamp Post" in the new South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership radio ad (I've heard it on Magic AM, but I'm sure it's on other stations too)? Anyone got a definate answer? I say it is, some of my friends say it isn't. Normally I'd know his voice in a second, but they've made me a bit doubtful now, especially as, if it is him (99% sure!), it's not quite his "natural" voice! I've tried checking their site, but there's no information :S What does everyone else think? If you're prepared to wait for it, I think they do broadcast on-line too, if you fancy checking it out from overseas!

Vicar Of Dibley

My apologies if this is your screencap, I can't remember where I got it :S

KuwtieBunny x

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