sharp as a tack and twice as quick (juleskicks) wrote in bean_daily,
sharp as a tack and twice as quick

Request and offering.

Trying to find the full version of this picture (used here in a friend's icon). As I recall, it was from a print ad. It seems like I was tripping over it at every gallery I stumbled across a few months ago, but now, when I need it for a wallpaper, of course it's nowhere to be seen. That'll teach me to save 'em when I find 'em, huh? *grins*

Anyway, as a thanks for help (and to make the post legal), I give you a wallpaper; my own creation, and as I just made it tonight, I can guarantee it's never been seen before (though you've probably seen the pic before).

One of my favorite pictures, so I was thrilled to find a huge, high-quality version of it. The text is from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "This Year's Girl".

Thanks again to anyone who can help.

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