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I need some artistic inspiration....

x-posted bean_uncensored and my journal

So this is the big "project" I've been working on and I would like some input on some things:
1. Do you think the animation is going too fast or too slow?
2. Should I make the background (the naked piccies) stand out more? And if so, how should I go about doing that?
3. Should I make it bigger with more pictures?
4. Am I wasting my time on this? I'm not quite sure what people could do with this, I just stare at it all day with a long strand of drool coming out from the side of my mouth....can you tell I'm working from home these days? Woo-hoo!!....

Let me know what you think...

The original is much bigger but it was taking forevah to upload...

Click to see what the original size looks like and what the front and back pics are all about....
this is the front piccies

this is the back piccies


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