Dances With Dogs (amnoturmonkey) wrote in bean_daily,
Dances With Dogs

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Went into Photoshop to make ONE banner... it ended up going out of hand and the results were these... well, I'd call them badges or bars but they don't have the right size. They have Bean on them so that's a good thing, and I just wanted one and ended up with six so here, they're nothing out of this world but if anyone wants them, then it won't be a waste of Bean.

The line is from Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, from the Return of the King EE. It's the name they call those who drool over Bean (us!). That's a spoiler for TWO words from the Director's commentary, but a warning goes anyways.

they look like a mix between a cheap Austen film poster, an M. Night... Shamalayan (whatever that spells) film poster and something that reminds me of... the beauty and the beast.

and Philippa seems to be one hell of a Bean Stalker too

if anyone takes one just credit me, ok?

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