Dances With Dogs (amnoturmonkey) wrote in bean_daily,
Dances With Dogs

more Beanstalker badges (x-posted)

short-haired bean versions and... pretty much every other fave pic I could get my hands on ^^
some of them are a bit... unsettling... but those who like to see Bean blindfolded and at your mercy won't find any offensive on them... and if Sean ever got to see these... Mr. Bean, Master, I mean no offense to you here, I would never stalk you, tie you up, blindfold you and gag you and have my way with you hurt you in any way! to prove my good will I would even let you do that to me... oh... *dies*

here's the teaser:

Image Hosted by

and because it's quite the badge-spam, here's the link to the rest Hope you like ;)

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