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Fifteen Streets piccies for all!!

Just felt like posting some pictures of Dominic 'Sexual Frustration' O'Brien. I had some kind of amusing dream about him last night and woke up laughing, but for the life of me I can't remember it.

Anyhoo, the other thing was Sean's prestigious Rear of The Year award. I've seen these things year in and year out where the winner gets a sash to wear in the papers and is generally paraded, but was there anything like that for Our Man? I know he found it very amusing, but he is a shy little babe, but does anyone know if there were any articles or funny pictures from when he won? (not that the real issue here is his butt or anything, heheh)

Mmm...toenail clippings...

Growling at someone.

Running away from scary big brother

About to have award-winning butt thoroughly kicked

And becuase no-one can resist a man in long-johns...

Giggling at this misfortune of others. Bad boy.

I'm quite new to this posting thing, so if I do something wrong with the cut I'll do my best to go back and make it better... Apologies in advance if I mess something up!


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