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This was actually sent to a newspaper

Hi everyone - I found the following whilst cruising through magazine bank and thought it was the funniest thing I've read in ages. Pity our poor men competing with the Beanster!

She has a thing for TV Sean

Section: Features, Dear Deidre, pg. 50
Authors:Deidre Sanders
Source:Sun, The; 22/05/2003

Dear Deidre

MY girlfriend only wants sex if she's been watching Sean Bean on telly.

I'm 31, she is 27 and we have been together for four years. The sex we had
together used to be amazing.

But I'm getting increasingly depressed as now sex only happens if Sean Bean
has been in evidence. The way she looks at him when he's in costume in The Lord
Of The Rings is giving me a complex. What do I do?

DEIDRE SAYS: There's no reason why your girlfriend shouldn't ogle Sean Bean.

But she seems to have stopped enjoying what you do in bed together. Spice it

Get ideas from my advice line today or free leaflet 50 Ways To Add Sparkle To
Your Love Life. Perhaps even hire a costume!

Copyright (C) The Sun, 2003

Yeah, dress like Borimir or Mellors!!!

Now THAT'S funny!
Who wouldn't dream of me??

BTW, does anyone know who the lady is in the last pic??
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