soleil (soleta) wrote in bean_daily,

I picked up Airborne last year (Five dollars and Sean Bean, what can I say?) and it was awful, awful, awful, and nobody should ever have to watch I screencapped it for your sean pleasure:

There are approximately 515 images in a zip file totaling 36.5 megs. YSI: download 1 download 2

as well as black beauty:

There are approximately 156 images totaling 14.2 megs. YSI: download 1 download 2

Pictures behind the cut, as they're rather large.

they're yousendit links to exactly the same file, so please try the first link first. if the first one runs out, try the second. If the second one runs out, leave a comment and I'll upload it again and update the post.

enjoy :)

I saw nothing in the info against this stuff, but let me know and I'll, y'know, do something.
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