Christine (_quietude_) wrote in bean_daily,

National Treasure

I went to see National Treasure with my daughter last night. Good thing I didn't go alone. I would have hated it without someone to ridicule the movie with.
Miscast hero: Nic Cage is just swarmy. And HE gets the Girl?!
Badly written female sidekick.
A timid villain. Don't worry Sean, its the writer's fault.
Awful final scene.
And I could never get over that line, "The treasure grew each time it was found." HAH! Treasures shrink. Someone is always slipping some gold plate into their shorts when they should be guarding it.

On the positive, the movie had some lovely comic moments from the supporting cast, especially when it stopped taking itself seriously. "Why does that never happen to me?" After Nic kisses the girl in the catacombs of New York.

And a picture to make it legal.
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