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A not very dialup-friendly spam

All in black

and scarry

It's all Greek to me:

Bib overalls: Perfect wardrobe for painting a prison -- from the inside :(

I'm pretty

AND I can ride a horse!

I clank when I walk

Pretty spooky, huh?

Here's looking at you, kid!

Just … dashing!

The Glam is On!

Hey, watch out, blood will never wash out of this shirt!

Evil never looked so good!

The incredibly blue-eyed Cowboy

Tough guy!

OK, maybe not so much...

The O'Brien family

Close-up of the good-looking one

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

I'll shoot the guy who spilled the Rogain on my arms!!!!

Just me and my camel!

The lovely Farmer Grey

and his lovely horse

WARDROBE!! Get me the hell out of this shirt!!!!

Inspired by the theme of the week at men_daily
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