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Another not very dialup-friendly spam

Playing football...

it's a tough job!

Devastating on and off his horse:

I'm the Belle of the Ball!

To Your Health!

We make these clothes look gooooooood!

Another prison ... another uniform

As lovely in as out of his clothes:


Too Hot!

A well-mannered Prince

waiting for his Princess

The artist's model

Whaddayamean, DIAPER????

Raggedy old clothes? Still yummy!

Tangled Up In Blue

All of you guys against one? Not Fair!

Oh hell ... not ANOTHER prison!!!!

but I got away, and now you're gonna get it!

Ladies always go for a man in uniform

or halfway out of it

For reasons not immediately apparent, this sharecropper's son has a fear of cows!

Dance with me!

Just ... GUH!

Inspired by the theme of the week at men_daily
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