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I want a gamekeeper!!!!

I saw Lady Chatterly for the first time, yesterday. *squee* I felt really sorry for Sir Clifford, but if I were Lady Chatterly, I'd leave my husband paralyzed or not for Mellors (but then, who wouldn't?) And did anyone notice that when Lady Chatterly and Mellors were in bed (at the cottage), Mellors had a "bruise" on his left shoulder? I love how they tried to hide Sean's tattoo, lol.
Behind the cut, a bunch of pics (of course)...may not be dial-up friendly
oh oliver!

yay, passionate sex in a hut


shag me senseless

love the hair

you're mine in the woods

i'm at your beck and call

a very nice experience indeed

notice half-open shirt

...and because I just watched Big Empty not long ago, and because I felt like it, lol.
What's with the cowboy getup?

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