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Sharpe series update

Hi all! I am newbie.. converted from lurker to member, have never done this before, so please bear with me :) You can order all of the Sharpe series at I purchased 6 dvd's for $10.76 each last shipping.. if you so choose to wait..and no tax! I had ordered 2 dvd's last month..came fast and in good shape..just as good as the ones purchased from Borders for $19.99 plus tax. Here is my pic to make it legal..also, I am using someones icon of which I don't remember where I got it...I don't want to break the rules..anyone recognize? If my entry is messed up, sorry, don't know what I am doing...

img src="C:\Documents and Settings\o\My Documents\My Pictures\Sharpe\0003gw33jpg"

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