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firstly a couple scans that Nym helped clean up *manymanymany thanks to Nym!*

young Sean

Sean in 'Stormy Monday'

on special request I was asked to cap a particular sequence in the 'extended shaft sequence' from NT - it becomes plainly obvious how different a pic can look when you see the full shot as opposed to the cropped version :)

cap from extended shaft sequence

cropped and resizedcropped and resized

lastly another request for just the sound files of Sean in the newest 'The Island' trailer and the Dr. Merrick narration on the Official Site

PLEASE read the instructions below on downloading from Rapidshare before you try your first download from Rapidshare.

Rapidshare instructions - when you click on the link below - once the page opens scroll down to the bottom and select the 'free' download option - when the next page opens scroll to the bottom once again and you will see a countdown timer - once it reaches 0 (zero) you see the link to download the file

PLEASE NOTE! - you can NOT use download accelerator utilities or similar utilities on this site UNLESS you purchase a premium acct. so if you use a download accelerator program you must turn if off to download from Rapidshare as a FREE user

If you are on AOL you can NOT use AOL's browser - you must use a real browser such as IE, Netscape, Firefox or Opera to access the download.

If you get no link when following the instructions above - try clearing your temp internet files and retrying the original link OR try a different browser (i.e. if you're using IE try Firefox or vice versa)

After downloading large file(s) from Rapidshare - there is often a 'wait' period before it will allow you to download more from their site - so be prepared to be patient and check back if it does not immediately allow you to download all the files you're interested in....

'sbtwoofourproducts.wav' (.2MB) "Two of our products..."

'sbtheyhavenosouls.wav' (.5MB) "...they have no souls..."

'sbmerrickbiotech.wav' (13MB) Dr. Merrick's narration on Merrick Biotech


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