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He guys! There isn't a pic to make this legal, but there IS a COB blinkie to do so for you to use, so I guess that counts! lol (click link). I couldn't add any proper pix because I haven't got space. Y'know, I've bean here for a bit- and still haven't figured out how to post pictures. Clever (!) :D Below is an email I sent to several people. Please take the time to read it- I'd really appreciate it!


Tee hee.



Hi guys! This is an urgent email. The following is Corner of Bean's latest update. Please read it. Because, basically, I might have to think about closing COB down. I think the only thing I can do now to stop it is to literally get an online petition going. But not in the conventional way!

I need, as well as the forwarding of this message, ALL RECIPIENTS who put down their name down MUST EMAIL ME!!!

I love you guys so very much and taking away Corner of Bean will make me cry. Please, and thank you so much for all the support you have ever shown! I need it now more than anything.
I will give you the BIGGEST and most MEGA hug in the world if you help me. It's in your hands now- I've done my bit. Now it's your turn to make a difference.

Thank you very much for everything you have ever done for me, for The Bean Team, and, of course, for Corner of Bean.

Alatariel Ancalimon and The Bean Team

PS: I'm particularly counting on my affiliates here- what are we for? :D *BIG hug*


here goes.

15th June 2005- Closing? Certainly on hiatus. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Hey peeps! Have tried to re-write several items in the tutorials section, but ran out of space on my image provider. So, in other words, I'm stuffed. No really. Stuffed. I may get some free hosting with Alqualondë.com but the situation's pretty hopeless. I'm kind of hanging in limbo and I can't actually add anything to Corner of Bean. I have tried all the suggestions, and failed- from opening and using multiple accounts, asking for web hosting and compression- I am just in deep... water.

So, either I can get web hosting via permission from my parents, or I can, for a short while get hosted with Alqualondë. But, inevitably, COB's gonna grow, and I'm going to run out of room. Lots of web hosting recommendations have been made to me, and they're all great- thank you. But the fact remains I'm not allowed to use them, so feel free to browse round the site- it's not on hiatus as such, it's just that I can't update.

There's only so much that can be done with Geocities, lol. If I do get web hosting, I'm going to need help from you guys more than ever! You're going to have to help me through and tell everyone you can to help too, because Corner of Bean's going to need donations (even $00.50 is great! But not just money- I'll need to convince my parents that closing COB would mean that a lot of you guys are gonna be unhappy :-( Donations of art, fan work, biographies, reviews, humour and so much more is going to be immense!

I've had so many great ideas for Corner of Bean- lots of new surprises which I was hoping to add soon. But this got in the way. So it looks as though I'll file my ideas and put them in a little cardboard box to be forgotten about, and for someone else to come up with 'first.' :-(

So yeah, if I can't get hosting with Alqualondë then COB's gonna have to close. I can't get a new owner- all the stuff here originally comes from my hard drive, and I need a copy constantly, and would be far too much hassle to put on someone else's shoulder.

14th of June, you're wrong. Life is bl**dy cr*p. Sorry. Ironic, is it not, that the reason I'm not allowed web hosting in the first place is because 'you'll spend too much time on it...' and yet, if I closed COB down, months and months of slogging will have gone to nothing?


NAMES: (please include your email address): Once you have signed it, email me along with forwarding it ---




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