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My Sean photo collection

I thought I would do a series of pic spams featuring the first 3 pics in each of my Sean Bean photo albums on photobucket and then repeat with the next 3 and so on.  Do I need to get a life?  ha ha ha!  No...I like this one just fine.  So...the first 3 from the first ten albums.....


  Some of these are caps I made, caps others made and just photos found all over the place.  Thanks to all that made this possible!'s the first 3 from the first 10 albums......I have 38 albums set up, some with sub-albums and each contains an average of 20 pics.  So it'll take a while.

These are from the main album:

ah.....Cowboy!  Good Start!  Thanks to Val  :)

the infamous Hypno-ray eyes! (x 2) This cracks me up!


One of my favorite manips!  Boromir goes Gap!


Abosolute Conviction.....

These are some Animations I have collected from all over.  I don't use them as icons and don't have names.  Please raise your hand if you made them and thanks for sharing your great talents!  :)


Aske and receive....(I know I am sooo corny!)

Bravo Two Zero.......


Black Beauty........

I only have 2 from Black Beauty so..........


Candid shots..........


These just happen to be from the same event.  He has more than one tie! 


Various Cannes festivals.....

For Ronin:


I love the dorky look on his face.  He's so cute! 

For Troy.....

  She looks way too sad considering who she's standing next to! ???

And again for Troy......



And to finish for today some screen caps from the Clarissa extra's.  I know nireth (sorry of I'm mistaken!) posted some of these but I got these from the Bean Box Board.

Next time we'll begin with some things from Don't Say a Word.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Anyone going to the Primrose Festival tomorrow....get pics please!  And post them! lol  Oh...and have fun too!  That's the most important thing anyway.

oh and one more random photo....for ataga!  :)

x3...I love this picture of him!

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