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My Photo Collection.....Part 2

Hi Everyone!

   This is a continuation of what I started last week.  I am posting the first 3 pics from each of my collections and then will move on to the second 3, etc!  Last time I did the first 10 albums but tonight I'm only doing the next 5.  I have to watch Sharpe's Mission with my sister so I know you'll understand! 

We start tonight with


Which, coinicidentally, I found for $5.50 at WalMart today!  YAY!!!!

I heart Val!  lol Thanks!


Guess the next  (hearts to §fyre among others on these!)


Jason Locke.......

ummmm....Captain Rich


As always...thanks to all who make these caps/pics possible and please remember:  Right Click and Save!!  If anyone doesn't know what hotlinking is please leave me a message and I will be happy to explain it!  Have a great weekend everyone!  :)


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