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Happy Birthday Fabjacuzzi -or- Mr. Bean's Hot Pursuit !!!

  Today is Jana Bean's birthday!  Yay!  So Sean told me to put a little somthing together for goes......

*not very dial-up friendly (sorry :( ) or entirely work safe!!!


First of all let me say it's good to have you back. 

Sean is happy too!


He's so happy he's all smiles!




Hap, hap, Happy!


See Sean wave to Jana on her birthday:


  Sean is so happy!

Sean....... when he thinks of what he could give Jana for her birthday:

(rubs hands in anticipation of her joy!)

Meanwhile....Jana dreams of what she would like for her birthday:

and dreams.....

  dreaming still  

Oh!  Behave Jana.....  *giggles*

She finally decides she is being a bit unrealistic and decides she will settle for just a simple bouquet of wild flowers.......

.....and maybe someone to make a flower garland for her!

  Excellent choice Jana!  ;D

Sean dreams of what he would like Jana to give him for his birthday.....


and yet again.......

Sean pouts as he waits for Jana to answer....

he's waiting.....

and waiting......

and still he waits!  (What is wrong with Jana????  :)  j/k!)


He says:  "Jana - it'll be our secret Lass!"

Jana plays hard to get....she enjoys his pursuit! 

Jana is one smart woman!

Sean starts to smolder as his desire grows.......

 He smolders well, yes?

He changes his name to "Smoldering" Sean Bean and contemplates a life in the boxing ring!

still smoldering......  ( with a little pouting too I think!)


he takes to drinking and standing in the woods......


He starts to think she will never give in.......


"Why does she deny me?"  he thinks to himself. (also he sees his ceiling is leaking!) "Doesn't she realize I'm all Bean goodness?"

He takes long walks in the wood and sits and thinks.....about Jana! 

Oh Jana!                             

He wanders the city streets....lost and alone.....

He tries reading......


even some target practice.......

he is so frustrated he tries to hug a wall..... (man...he's got it bad!)

he is finally arrested for pestering random walls around London.....


He takes too many baths and showers..... (some with too many people)


he eventually just lies in the dirt.......

He often wonders how it has come to this......

"How can I get Jana to say yes?!?!?!  I'm stumped...."

He is sooooo forlorn and miserable.....                         


He finally gives up all hope........  :(


He decides to give her one last chance. 

See Sean stand on Jana's street...... (he hopes the car will impress)

(I'm not sure about the shirt choice Sean! and unbutton the top button!)

"What?  You don't like it?"


"How's this then?"


"What's wrong with this shirt ???"

It's soooo ugly Sean!  Really!

"I cannot believe you don't like this shirt......Truly....I'm hurt!"

"What should I wear then?"

well...that looks good to me!


                     's this?"

(sooooo much better Sean!)

When Jana see him like this she goes *thud*...tries to get up but *thuds* again!  She bumps her head and twists her neck.  She nods her head up and down to work out the stiffness.......

Sean takes this as a Yes!   He is happy in his victory!


YAY Sean!

He signals his happiness to his mates......

He records the day in his journal.......

and gives a press conference.......

How does it feel knowing Jana will be your birthday present Mr. Bean?

"I couldn't be happier!"

Jana doesn't tell Sean she wasn't nodding yes.  Jana is a smart woman!

So.......Sean is very pleased with himself.......

He still drinks at the pub.......


but at least now he smiles when he sits in the woods.......

He feels like a REAL man once again!  Way to go Jana!  :)

*beenybaby thuds and hits her head!*

Sean remembers it's Jana's birthday and it's not ALL about him......

(but he still can't stop smiling!)

"Here's to you darling Janabean!  Happy Birthday!"

"YOU have a good night!"

"I'll be dreaming of you!"



**Disclaimer:  The woman Jana, who plays hard to get with Sean Bean, is in fact, a figment of my imagination!  I do not know of any Jana in the world that would do that! 

*as usual thanks to all of the talented people that have put these photos for all of us to share and enjoy!



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