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"The Island"... my reactions


first of all let me thank the deities for my little brother's generosity in giving me the free pass to the early screening....

second let me just add a million thank yous to the deities that Sean was definitely a major part in this film - just behind Ewan, Scarlett and Djimon - while I could wish for more Sean (i.e. wishing for him in the LEAD) he definitely had a role he could chew on in this film

third let me thank the deities for Sean - his talent and his looks - damn that man never looked so good as a villain - damn that man plays the most believable villains... sigh

WARNING! SPOILERS FOR 'THE ISLAND' - if you don't want to know details on the movie before you see it - do NOT read past the CUT!

okay... highlight the lines below to read the spoilers

the movie does start out a bit slow - not overly so and not for very long - it does not take long before the tempo starts quickening and after that it's breakneck speed and you're totally sucked in with the characters and the action....

Ewan was wonderful as Lincoln Six Echo a man who is NOT truly his age - educated to the age of about 15 and emotionally immature - he managed to convey that innocence, naivete and mischievousness very believably... then when we're introduced to Lincoln's sponsor - seeing Ewan play an older, wiser more cynical person complete with his own accent - well it was great

Scarlett - well I liked her more than I had anticipated - both her and her character were refreshing

now Sean.... he is convincing as Dr. Merrick (as we'd already anticipated) bringing to life a man too caught up in his own views and ideals to see the true horror behind his products... Merrick does indeed have a god complex... and he has his truly sympathetic moments... but even as he's doing nasty things you believe that the character does not view his own actions as evil - more the end justifies the means situation - at one point when he's talking to Lincoln you just "feel" the tired parent reaction rolling off of him :)

and damn but that man is totally gorgeous as Merrick - the dark suit, dark shirt and trousers - sigh - Sean looked totally scrumptious - thinner than in 'National Treasure' he looked really really good...

yes Dr. Merrick does meet his end near the end of the film... and honestly it is a rather fitting ending brought about by his own actions in trying to eliminate Lincoln one final time.... would I have preferred he not die? of course... but if he had to die it was in fitting with the storyline...


now I just need to see it again :)
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