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I have been lurking for a I am now...

Hi all! I'm kinda new but have been lurking about for a while now..

My name is Beth, I'm English and I'm a BIG Bean Fan!! I love Sharpe so much - he's my favourite character :) :D! (Can't wait for the Sharpe one-off at Christmas! yay!)

Erm..I'm not sure how to put pictures up properly yet - so.. is it ok if I put a link up for my pic? I'm trying to learn how to get pics up - can someone help at all? (Mind you - if it's got something to do with HTML - I'm toast - but I'll try and learn ASAP..)

I'm sorry if this doesn't work - I am new - and stupid too..

I also have a Bean site... (my friend Ala - creator of Corner Of Bean - helped me with it..)

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