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A Beanie Narrative Pic Spam -- These are his words, honest.

Some different shots from Island Premiere in the UK I had not seen. (The pictures are water marked, sorry, I wish I knew how to remove them.) Anyone registered to these sites? Some of these photos must be utterly devastating high res?

Oh well, here's more Beanie who deserves every vote he gets.

Hi, I am Sean Bean, here at the Island premiere in London. I just stepped out of shower and tossed on my fave, funky jeans, and some nice shoes and a sexy shirt and showed up, while Ewan, the silly tosser, decided to spend money for hair, makeup and an outfit. Me I just am, er, sexy that is.

See my pecs and sleek made-for-sex body. The buttons want to just burst, truly, I am too sexy for my shirt.

Look at this young man's body I have, not bad for a guy in his mid-forties, hey?

Here I will give you some more poses of my bod.
Notice the broad shoulders and slender waist.

I can put my hand on my waist too, this seems to drive them nutters.

Okay, one more to drive them wild. Then you watch what happens.

You see, you see, told you! You would not believe the things they are saying to me.

Here's a shot of my noble, masculine face now, in case you might forget why you need to vote. You will not find a sexier, more masculine face in all of fandom. Honest.

Ah, the life of a sexy, Northern bastard, sigh, it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Now continue voting until I have one million votes, okay girls? right.

(Again sorry for the watermarks, some of these would be brilliant larger and clean.)

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