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New Beanie pics from Island --


Courtesy of Gamy at Beanbox. (She is a treasure!) i. must. stop. I am not sure I can handled more premieres this year. le. sigh. These were taken when he was talking to blonde entertainment reporter. If this man looked at me like the first picture, he would have to be arrested for killing me on the spot. Officer: "Okay Mr. Bean what happened here?" Bean: "I, I don't know officer, I just looked at the woman, said hello and she fell dead."

GUH! And other sounds.

Hi, there fangirls, pretend I am looking at you this way.

Aren't I as dashing as hell?

Just surveying all the woman who have fainted behind the barriers here.

Such fun having this effect on woman. Sigh. GetS a bloke a bit chuffed with himself.

Okay, now for the best profile on the planet shot whilst I sign me name for these poor birds.

And some tidbits about the play the "woman in coral" is in. Apparently it opens the 26 of August the play starts at the Riverside Studios. (If Beanie has not dumped her and moved on to greener pastures, I wonder if he would show up for the opening night? (She could use the publicity of him showing up, although I would hate for him to be used.) Anyway, might give someone an opportunity to see Beanie. Yoohoo anyone in London???

Here is the info about her role: Lizzie Hartley - Georgina Sutcliffe
Pale-skinned English beauty. Her liberal credentials are not just skin-deep; she is greatly attracted to the wild and vital scene that surrounds the Drum boys. So much more vital than either the England she grew up in, or the conservative ex-pat community, Sof’town also appeals to her innate inclination toward breaking convention. She takes a considerable risk by throwing herself into life, and love, in SA’s Harlem.

Sounds very dramatic. bwah! Now I simply must stop. I must. Bean needs to get work in his garden, be with his girls (his daughters I mean), watch telly and the Blades, and go rest cause I am getting nothing done in my own life. tsk. tsk. tsk. Starting classes soon.

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