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'Clarissa' on DVD

TV series return on DVD

By Susan King
Los Angeles Times
Originally published August 18, 2005

Television series are pouring out of studios' vaults for the DVD market -- and the cash flow -- but the majority offer few extras. This week's entrants are no different: A couple have some decent added treats, but most are of the bare-bones variety, such as Universal's set of the first two seasons of the NBC detective series McCloud.
The 1991 British miniseries Clarissa (Acorn, $40), which originally aired on PBS' Masterpiece Theatre, is a well-crafted bodice-ripper based on the 18th-century novel by Samuel Richardson. Sean Bean plays a rich rake named Lovelace who is determined to seduce and thereby destroy a noble virgin (Saskia Wickham). The two-disc set includes outtakes, screen tests, cast filmographies, a photo gallery and production notes.

the full article can be found HERE

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