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Just borrowed a book from a friend, 'The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare' by Chris Smith. It included some great descriptions of Boromir and his weapons.

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"Boromir was tall and strong, and one of the most skilled warriors in all of Gondor with a sword. His stamina and physical strength, together with a forceful and commanding personality, meant that he had quickly risen through the ranks of the military academy. His fellow soldiers of Gondor saw him as a true leader and were willing to follow him anywhere."

"Boromir's sword was like its owner: big, broad and powerful. To use it single-handedly would have required someone with great strength in his arms and wrist, both of which this skilled warrior had in abundance."

Hee, hee. That's our boy...

BTW Anyone who is into RP stuff, fantasy characters, etc. This book is a fantastic reference to fighting styles, weapons and armour.
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