beaned (beaned) wrote in bean_daily,

Last Shout for Awhile, Real Life

Saw these at Bean Daily and nicked them from lovely Pudge. Sorry, just had to bring them here. Real life beckons in a mighty way, but had to share my fave actor on planet zog. Kind of big. Thud warnings Will Robinson,thud warnings.

Big Beanie here:

Not only do I have the best profile in the world, but I give you my sexy hand on my hip pose.

Aren't I an absolute charmer?? Doesn't this close up of me prove that I got the best of the gene pool? Come on, you know I did? Who else could survive such closeup scrutiny?

I think I look like I just got laid in this photo with that chick in coral. You know number # 457. Dead sexy, as well.

BTW, did I mention I also have the best tongue on the planet as well. You will hardly find better anywhere. And now another performance of my tongue. Tongue, take a bow.


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