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Who is Your Favorite Actor or Actress?

Who is Your Favorite Actor or Actress?

Movies- 1 September 1, 2005

Some of the star studded group.

Now that our Star Database is up and running, we have begun to wonder what our readers favorite actors and actresses are. According to the most fan pages opened, the current top six actors and actresses here at CanMag.Com are Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Vince Vaughn, Sean Bean, Ewan McGregor and Owen Wilson. However, we are now seeking suggestions for more actors and actresses to insert into this database and are looking for YOUR opinion.

Your Top Actors

Who would you like to see in the Star Database here at CanMag.Com? Who have we looked over? What people out there are just too cool to be left out? I used to have a list of a few additional names scribbled out on paper [thanks to suggestions from our readers] but lost the damn thing while visiting Canada. Therefore, we are doing an open call on suggestions from our readers on who next to add into our database.

Once we collect ten new names to insert we will post them here and work to insert all ten within a couple of weeks. You tell us-- who has been big for film lately?

As of now, the next names to be inserted into the database are Nicolas Cage, Monica Bellucci and Colin Farrell. Agree or disagree?

Send your favorite actors or actress over to We NEED your opinion.

Stay tuned for updates.
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