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Mystery of the Wet Beanie

Well, we have all the seen the hot wet Beanie. (Oh, the silliness that statement implies. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*) Well, the fab Nona has solved the case of the Wet Beanie. !! Warning Big Wet and Dry Bean and another reason to hate Charlize Theron. !!

You see a dry Beanie here:

So pretty and dry, but still hot.

Now he is a wet Beanie.

So what happened you ask? Okay, well you are not asking, but anyway, apparently it rained on our Beanie, answering the most important question of the day, "Is he so sweet he will melt?" The answer is, "No." The next question it answers is "Was Beanie so hot that his own clothes were melting on him?" Again, the answer is, "No." Now does this make him any less hot or less sweet, I think not.

But we now have a reason to really dislike Charlize Theron beyond her enormous talent and beauty.

(what a magnificant profile, I could look all day and often have. shame on me.)

I hate to tell the Charlize but this man has several notches on his headboard from the number of young blondes he scores with. mwhaha! Maybe this answers the more ridiculous question of why she called him "baby" when they were both suppose to answer a question on Frances McDormand. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm? What the heck is that around his neck? Ah, well. . . .

(And this must be my last post evah for I need to get to work. I keep saying this. *shakes head at self*)
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