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2005 Fall Arts Preview

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2005 Fall Arts Preview

Published on 09/15/2005

Opening dates are tentative. Subject to change at a studio's whim. After all, look what happened to It's Pat....



TIM BURTON'S CORPSE BRIDE -- In this day of CGI, isn't it comforting to know there exists an obsessive like Burton, who insists on making animated movies the old fashioned way -- one friggin' frame at a friggin' time? Let's keep our bony fingers crossed -- this one looks extraordinary. (9/23)

FLIGHTPLAN -- Jodie Foster's getting a rep for playing single mothers in utter peril, but gee, she plays them so well -- it's as though no man were necessary in her life (or her movies). Still, there are a few men in her latest (icky Sean Bean, sexy Peter Saarsgard), in which she plays a single mother who loses her 6-year-old daughter on a very big airplane and sets off widespread panic. The twist: The child apparently died days earlier and was never on the plane in the first place. Why, it's The Forgotten meets Panic Room! (9/23)

A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE -- The latest from David Cronenberg concerns a mild-mannered man (Viggo Mortensen), whose life is changed after he commits murder in self-defense and is swarmed with unwanted media attention. With Maria Bello and Ed Harris. (9/30)


WALLACE & GROMIT: THE CURSE OF THE WERERABBIT -- Like Burton, Nick Park is an old-timer, but he prefers flawed clay to pristine plasticine. Either way, it's still made one friggin' frame at a friggin' time. (10/7)

ELIZABETHTOWN -- Orlando Bloom stars in Cameron Crowe's latest heart-warmer about a young man who gets back to his Kentucky roots and falls in love -- with Kirsten Dunst, no less. (10/14)


HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE -- Harry finds the real magic in his wand. (11/18)


THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE -- Hey, Harry Potter's gotta end sometime. Might as well get started with this popular kid series. (12/9)

KING KONG -- Peter Jackson does the monkey dance his way. We can hardly wait! (12/14)

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN -- The film everyone's buzzing about (it just won top honors at the Venice Film Festival), Ang Lee's latest deals with a subject so taboo, it even has George W. Bush shaking in his boots: Gay. Cowboys. And as those gay cowboys -- Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. Makes you almost want to forgive him for The Hulk. Almost. (12/16)

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