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A Picture Request...please :D

Hi all!

Erm..I was wondering if anyone had that black and white picture of Sean handcuffed to the bed? See my computer decided to delete MY picture folder (due to a virus) and I've lost every picture I had!! And I used to have that particular one...

I know I won't just benefit from this LOL! :D Everyone will ;) ...

Thank You Very Much! xxx

And here are some wallpapers which I hope you like from my website! They were originally made by Alatáriël Ancalímon, who basically made my site for me! (Beanie Lovers) All you need to do is click on "Click here to download" It's that simple!

800 x 600 Wallpaper

1024 x 768 Wallpaper

And if they don't work... there's always these.. lol!

100% Blade





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