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Met Viggo Too!

As an update to my "Met Sean" post buried in a reply a few days ago, I happy to announce that I was able to get Viggo's autograph as well last night at the premiere of "History of Violence". Things were a bit more crowded where I was standing so I didn't get to talk to him (other than spell my name for him), but he was standing about 4 feet away...he's a dreamy in person as in the pictures. Maria Bello was really cute too. She looked nervous and didn't sign too many autographs but she thanked everyone for coming.

<img src=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v504/bean4me/VigBean-Autographs.jpg>

I did get to hang out a bit with 4 of the groupies that I met at the FlightPlan premiere. One of them (Suzanne the button lady) was actually in one of the photos on Getty images of Sean doing autographs and she was tickled pink about that. They were happy for me and actually took my picture holding my prize! They were quite a
bit younger than me and were squeeing quite loudly when Viggo came by. I didn't have to heart to tell them that I'll be 45 in a few weeks. My Mom couldn't believe it when I told her I got Sean's autograph and said, "But Teri you're 45 years old" and I said "Yeah,and going on 20!".

Off topic a bit, but I read a piece today about a man who is 92 years old and just started to get into acting - started by posing for an ad for osteoporosis and now he's hooked. Guess you're never too old!

Wow, the only thing is that now I have to come down off my bubble and get back to real life. How boring!
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