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Sean Bean's university adverts

Sean Bean

Emma Dunlop

SEAN Bean may now be a Hollywood heartthrob, but that has not stopped him returning to his Yorkshire roots to support his city's university.

The actor, who has worked alongside stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Orlando Bloom and Joely Richardson and is more usually found in the Hollywood Hills than Hillsborough, has returned to his home city to star in an advert promoting Sheffield Hallam University as the place to study.

Bean, whose film credits include Lord of the Rings, and Patriot Games, and who was famously the swashbuckling hero of the TV series Sharpe, has recorded four adverts about studying at Sheffield Hallam and life in the city, to be broadcast on local radio stations.

Each advert focuses on a different aspect of the university and life in Sheffield and asks students to "find out what works for you." In one advert Bean describes the city as being, "one of England's liveliest and most student-friendly cities".

John Palmer, from the university, said: "Sean became an honorary doctor at Sheffield Hallam in 1997, and we are thrilled that he agreed to front this campaign. He is an international ambassador for both Sheffield and the region.

"The city already has strong links to the performing arts due to its excellent theatres. Sheffield Hallam is supporting this strength by launching a foundation degree in Performing Arts."

Sean Bean was brought up in Handsworth and remained in Sheffield until 1981, when he moved to London to train at RADA. He is a lifelong Sheffield United fan and famously has "100 per cent Blade" tattooed on his shoulder.

30 September 2005
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