Gone wrong in the mind tank (anna_rosa) wrote in bean_daily,
Gone wrong in the mind tank

North Country

Just got back from seeing North Country and had to share...
A possible, potential very mild spoiler. If you rather not know anything about the film, ignore this post, stick fingers in ears, and go 'lalalalalala'...

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Wow, just wow, and that really sums it up. I had babbled on in an earlier post, saying that I wished Bean could have an opprotunity to shine as an actor. Well, this would be the movie. His character is the kindest and most loving man. Some of his scenes with Frances McDormand were causing me to really choke up. There were many such scenes throughout the movie, but it was at the very end that broke me; just before the credits there's a caption that states that the women recieved little money, but achieved one of the greatest legal precedents in history. It was at this point someone in the back of the theater shouted "YEAH!" and everyone bust into spontaneous applause and cheers. Just writing about it is making me misty-eyed...
All in all, I give it two thumbs up.
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Raid the penny-jar, borrow from a friend, this is a movie worth paying to see in a theater.
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