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The fabulous Pudge has killed us again with pics from the NC Premiere, where Beanie shows up looking about as comfortable as Richard Sharpe in a suit. LOL Utterly Beanie, and a seems a bit worn out from all of this pubicity crap. He will get more rest working it seems. I have added my "channeling Beanie" comments to be ridiculous again. Not dial up friendly.

WARNING!!!!!!! Two huge ones and several other thuddable ones as well, it is Beanie after all.

I am getting just a bit knackered from all this crap. Bloody hell, could you like get any closer??Anyone got a brush for a closeup??

I cannot begin to tell you how much I feel like a stuffed pig in this suit, and while it is swank and all I miss me jeans and stripped shirt. Why the hell did I listen to the publicist?

This has to be it for the year. It must be. I have run out of smiles. There aren't any more premieres this year are there? Bugger, I wonder what the Sheffield score is by now?

Okay, here are a few with the screenwriter, maybe he can smile for us both. Now why didn't you give me more dialogue you bastard? What was the reason? Oh, yea, it was a woman's flick, that's right.

okay, you are kind of geeky looking, I will make you look good by standing next to you for awhile.

okay, you need one geniune breaktaking grin from me. all right, but you gotta understand I am sick of these things. Let me see if I can find one real one for you. There is this better, I will add hand porn as well?

and finally I can give you bastards a thumbs up because this is the last premiere for quite awhile, now why was it I thought it would be more restful not working??? Next time I am a lead role. So there.

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