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Got to go to an advance screening of “North Country” last night.




It was pretty good.  I like Charlize Theron; the movie focused a little more on the kind of things that happen to her character and the other women at the company.  The ending is the move to take it to court.



Sean does a really good job with the Minnesota accent.  I don’t know if it was deliberate or not but he speaks slightly slower than normal.


There is a *really* good scene – I won’t give a whole bunch away in case someone wants to see this – that starts out really serious because it’s talking about Frances McDormant’s character’s illness, then moves into a slightly funny part when Sean walks in.  Then an *incredibly* tender funny moment between Sean and Frances’ characters.  You see Charlize Theron watching them and you can tell she’s envious of what they have.  It’s so sweet.


The movie is centered on Charlize Theron so if you’re going to see it for Sean – wait for the DVD.



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