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Unfinished Monkeys business

Sean Bean

Phil Kemp

The true DIY spirit of the dear old interweb has been grabbed with both hands by Sheffield guitar-thwackers, The Arctic Monkeys.

Now the Daily Telegraph's latching on to the overnight success story of the youthful Yorkie lads, whose first single I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor has rocketed to No1 in the charts - purely by creating a buzz and a big fanbase online.

So that's 1-0 to the time-honoured indie approach to music against the record company monoliths, then.

In fact, the Torygraph adds, the Arctic Monkeys built up a sizeable following of fans through the power of the net way before record bods had an, er, igloo, who they were, slipping right under the A&R radar.

This culminated in a recent sell-out gig at London's Astoria where even famous Sheffield son Sean Bean turned up to check them out.

The success which has propelled the boys straight to the top of the charts at the first time of asking is down to them punting out "two dozen or more songs as MP3 files on their website," while "touring the country, mainly in the North," says the Telegraph.

Big-sellers such as Sugababes and McFly are subsequently looking upwards at the new kids on the block. No, not those ones - thankfully.

Beat that, X Factor.

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