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:D Flightplan is fantastic!! Sean (as predicted) wasn't there, but the cinema was full, and there was a message from Sean (which I recorded on my phone *slapped wrist*), and is transcribed below:-

"Hi Stuart...Sean is indeed opening a gym in Leeds ['don't I read that bit? oh, sorry, oh, right yes, bit from Sean, I can see it now']...I'm very sorry I'm not able to be with you in Sheffield for this special charity premiere of "Flightplan". I would have loved to have been here but unfortunately my shooting schedule has changed at the last minute. I will now be rehearsing in London for a new special "Sharpe" series. I think it is fantastic that the screening is being held to raise money for the Abbeydale Cinema Trust which is working hard to restore this well-loved building to it's former glory.

I wish you all the best in the future with this project and am very pleased to have worked on this film, alongside a fabulous cast, and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you need anything else in the future ['yes I certainly will Sean, a win for Wednesday this evening would be nice...']."

I'm intrigued by the "Gym in Leeds" bit that got read by accident, presumably the bit surrounding Sean's message was from a publicist, etc, and meant the one Pfyre posted about below, and they got the place wrong?

Just to make it legal...
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Sean is, of course, the dreamiest pilot EVER, and apart from a couple of factual slip-ups (not noticable if you've never been to Newfoundland!) the film is just fantastic! Jodie Foster is never really an actress I've noticed before, but she carries the film quite easily, and I certainly didn't see the ending coming. Bit more Sean would have been nice, of course, but the uniform makes up for it, and it's nice to see him walk away at the end!


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