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Sean as Kyle

Sean Bean as Kyle in 'North Country'okay....

thanks to my brother - got to see 'North Country' last evening....


never did a man looks so irresistible in plaid flannel shirts....

as many have pointed out - Kyle isn't a major part in this film - though he does have some significant scenes and Sean portrays this man so very well

Kyle is not like so many characters Sean has brought to life on screen....

Kyle isn't flashy or egotistical - while not weak - he's not the first to step into an argument either unless it is a direct threat to the woman he loves

his quiet strength lends depth and pathos to Glory's character and their subplot...

here is a man dealt a not so rosy hand by fate or destiny or life or whatever you'd like to name it yet he's found a way to be comfortable with himself and his life and his love for Glory - a lesser man would've been worried about becoming the 'house husband', about other men in the community and mine considering him 'less than a man' because Glory is now the provider, the one driving truck at the mines - yet the evidence we see in the film is that Kyle is more concerned about Glory than about himself

just watching Kyle's interactions with Glory - their love is there for all to see - it's not flashy - but it's real and it has bottomless depths of care and concern and devotion

and Sean gives a depth to this man (as he does with all his roles) that makes him real, makes him come to life in the film... sigh

sorry for the ramble but damn I need to see this film again - just so I can study Kyle more :D

and the film is very powerful - and while yes it does become a bit melodramatic - it does convey the frustrations, the anger, the attitudes of those in the mines and the women that dealt with it on a day to day basis - Caro and Seitzman did manage to allow the audience to see into reality of the situation - and while it gives a reason behind the actions of the men it in no way excuses the behaviour - it clearly shows us that we're all human and everyone can be the victim or the perpetrator depending upon the situation and circumstances....

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