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Kyle excerpts from the 'North Country' script

okay... spent the better part of two days transcribing the script from 'North Country'

damned stupid thing - was a 'scanned' hard copy of the script and therefore the 'pages' were essentially 'pic' files - in other words if you wanted to do anything with the text - it either had to be OCR'd or hand transcribed - tried the OCR thing (and yes I have experience doing OCR) - simply doesn't work too well with the traditional script format so it ended up being easier to simply transcribe (though it wasn't nice to my CTS - sigh)

anyway - for those interested - the Adobe .pdf file northcountryscriptexcerpts.pdf 70KB is as it appears - a transcription of the Kyle scenes in 'North Country' - please note - this obviously contains SPOILERS for the movie AND what is in the script is not precisely what is in the movie and vice versa - there is at least one Kyle scene in the movie that is not in this version of the script

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