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The Hunt Begins November 19th as Starz Brings You a 'Trio of Treasures'.

PR Newswire; 11/1/2005

Treasures Come to Life on Starz as Michael Stadther, Author of the Best Seller 'A Treasure's Trove,' Provides Viewers With an Exclusive Clue Leading to the 14th Token

'Trio of Treasures' Launches With Pay-Television Premiere of National Treasure

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The hunt is on as Starz brings you a "Trio of Treasures" starting November 19th. First, Nicolas Cage will crack the code woven deep into America's history in the Starz Saturday premiere of National Treasure at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Then, immediately following the pay-television premiere, Michael Stadther, author of the bestselling book "A Treasure's Trove," will give Starz viewers an exclusive clue that could lead them to a real-life hidden treasure. Plus, viewers can log on to and check out the virtual maze, and test their wits with a series of mind-numbing riddles.

"The 'Trio of Treasures' demonstrates that Starz isn't only where you come to see the big movies, it's also where you experience them," said David Charmatz, senior vice president of channel management for Starz Entertainment Group (SEG). "Only on Starz will you have an opportunity to bring the treasure hunt to life with an exclusive clue provided by Michael Stadther."

Stadther's enchanting, classic fairy tale, "A Treasure's Trove," was first published in November 2004 and quickly made the nation's bestseller lists. At the book's initial release, Stadther announced that he had hidden 12 gold tokens, each one redeemable for a valuable jewel fashioned after the book's Forest Creatures, in locations throughout the continental United States. In February 2004 the book's fans learned that there were not 12, but 13 tokens waiting to be found. In September Stadther announced that he had hidden a 14th token, representative of his book's villain Rusful, Master of the Darklings.

Clues to find the tokens are cleverly hidden in the book's pages. For the first time, Stadther will reveal clues in partnership with Starz during the "Trio of Treasures." The collective value of the jewels the 14 tokens represent is over $1 million.

"The clue revealed as part of 'Trio of Treasures' will help both experienced and novice 'trovers' on their hunt," said Michael Stadther. "Viewers can watch the movie and then get ready for their own adventure of a lifetime. It's a fun and challenging pursuit for the entire family and a fabulous promotion, full of excitement and exploration for anyone who has ever dreamed of finding real treasure."

The treasure hunt begins Saturday, November 19th at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on Starz. The "Trio of Treasures" includes:

  • National Treasure -- The pay-television premiere is on Starz Saturday, November 19th at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).  From producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Jon Turteltaub comes the exhilarating action-adventure starring Nicolas Cage (Ben Gates), Diane Kruger (Abigail Chase), Sean Bean (Ian Howe) and Jon Voight (Patrick Gates).  The tale follows an archaeologist who must elude the FBI and rival treasure hunters in a search that stretches from the Arctic Circle to Washington, D.C., seeking a secret chest hidden by America's founding fathers.

  • Exclusive Clue -- After the Starz Saturday premiere, Stadther will reveal a new clue on-air that could lead someone to the 14th token, unveil the 14th jewel (an uncut black diamond worth thousands of dollars), display it with the other 13 for the first time together, and provide viewers with an enticing incentive that will not be revealed until November 19th.  To solve the clue and discover the location of the Rusfel token, viewers will need to look at the clue on, where it will be available exclusively for 24 hours, and also use Stadther's book, "A Treasure's Trove."  24 hours after the clue is announced on Starz it will also appear on the author's site at

    Rules and regulations for "A Treasure's Trove" hunt can be found on and in the book.

  • "Trio of Treasures" Virtual Maze -- Visit to search for treasure in an online maze -- solve the riddles and reach the secret vault.

Starz is where the new hit movies live.

Starz Entertainment Group LLC (SEG) is the largest provider of premium movie services in the United States with approximately 179 million pay units. SEG offerings include the Starz Encore Movie Pack with 13 digital movie channels and more than 750 movies per month, Starz HDTV, Starz On Demand, and Starz Ticket, an on-demand premium Internet movie subscription service available on the broadband platform. Starz Entertainment Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation,

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