annygirl (annygirl) wrote in bean_daily,

MacBean Wallpaper

O.K., I've finished the wallpaper I mentioned in the last entry. So much for actually doing work when I'm at work! *wink*

I've got a link to it, rather than post the thing here, cos it's too big. I made it to fit 1028x768 (or whetever it is)and Photobucket has resized it cos it ended up too big for them. If you want to take it, let me know (just so I can feel the love!) and no doubt if you resize it you'll be fine.

Let me know how it goes anyway. Oh, and thanks to  paladineast for the suggestion of the quote. Thanks to everybody, actually, who helped me figure out what scene it was!

I'm hideously jealous of everybody who actually saw the performance! But I'll get over it. ^__^

Oh, and sorry, but my friend referred to him as MacBean in this pic and I just loved it, so it's staying!

MacBean and the Weird Sisters


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