annygirl (annygirl) wrote in bean_daily,

Sharpe's Challenge

O.K., so I spend far far far too much time on IMDB, but I just found this on Sean's page (actually, I spend far too much time on Sean's page on IMDB!). All excited. :D
Of course here in Australia we haven't even had the earlier Sharpe stories broadcast, but you can't win 'em all. Thankfully they were on pay tv and a friend of my brother's videoed them so I've seen the first nine (and I bought the first two books on the weekend, I'm actually really enjoying them, didn't think I would as much!).
So yeah, anyway, better find a pic to put with this so I'm not breaking the laws huh. *searchs*
O.K., here's two (yay me). They may have been shown already, but they're sweet I think. The first is Boromir, and the second is the Beanster pouting like a pop starlet as he gets his LOTR tat.

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