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Sharpe has come to my place at last!

Hello, everyone. It's my first posting of entry here and I decided to make it because I'd like to share my excitement with other Sean Bean fans, esp Sharpe fans!

Last Sunday the DVD box of the Sharpe The Complete Series (14 disc box set 1993 UK) arrived at my house.

Did I buy it?


Amazingly, one of the visitors of my favourite V/S website happened to read my post and decided to gift her collection to me. The post of mine murmured: I have to give up to buy the two volumes of the Japanese version of Sharpe The Complete Series (15 disc box set) coming next Jan and Feb, because they are too expensive for me to buy without watching any episode of the drama."

Let me talk about that more: one day the owner of the website being the slash mate of mine e-mailed me and it said: there's a woman who wants you to be a foster of her Sharpe series for your comments at my site the other day. If you want to do so, I'll tell you her e-add so that you can have direct contact with her. If you don't, I'll just tell her your will. Anyway e-mail me back, thank you.

OMG how could I fefuse such a magnificent offer! But why did she decide to let go her Sharpe for free? The question was raveled by herself in the e-mail from her which said: I bought the 14 discs of the DVD box set of Sharpe 2 years ago but I've just bought the newer one with 15 discs and also have just booked the two volumes of the Japanese version of it coming soon next year. Then I realized and puzzled that I have no space to put four DVD boxes nor need to keep all of them. In such occasions I read you comment and knew that you can read English, you can't afford to buy Japanese version of Sharpe series and you've never watched Sharpe. They are the reasons enough for me to decide to gift my Sharpe to you. No need to pay for anything but only postage. If you think my offer is good for you, please let me know your address and name. Thank you.

How do you think about her wonderful offer? Who can suppose that one day unknown person suddenly knock your door and ask you to accept something you are eager to possess but can't. Kind a miracle, don't you think so?

Well, finally I'd like to share a charming words she gave me:

"If you love Sean Bean, it's not good idea to skip Sharpe!"

And here's the one of my favourite images with SB, upper right corner of the picture.
Image hosted by

And I hope if someone helps me with looking for:
1. Where is the pic of him in this collage from? I want to see the original image of him.
2. Who made this collage? I happened to re-bookmark the website where this collage is uploaded and since then I've been lost it's URL. I only remember that it's the image for a wallpaper.
(Hope everyone will not make non-licet use of it against her copyright.)

I'm not sure that this image and my questions are suitable for here...I hope they are...and someone have some information about that. Thank you.

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