pfyre (pfyre) wrote in bean_daily,

We arrive in life to live our adventure....

We arrive in life to live our adventure.
It is the journey to find our TRUE selves.
The attic represents the mind
and the things we can't see because we forgot,
but as we discover the reasons for our life
and uncover the TRUTH of what we came here to accomplish
we begin to light up our attic.
We begin to discover new perspectives and to become aware
and conscious of the things that look unknown
to us as we are growing up.
The trick is to enjoy the adventure
through all our experiences
and to realize that even in the darkness
we must allow ourselves to grow.
In our growth we uncover what we always had.
It takes courage, strength and love of SELF
to get past all the obstacles and fears
that will confront us in our adventure.
Always remember to play and daydream in your day
and always enjoy as much as you possibly can.

fullsized wallpaper (1024x768) behind the CUT!

many thanks to Pudge for posting that gorgeous hires pic of Sean... sigh

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