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My first bean experience

okay so as i was reading the comments from Vesta and Nana the Cat's fron Nana's post about her sharpe dvd's... lucky her! :) well well.  So i was reading when they said their first bean experience was from and i was thinking about mine.  Mine was from Scarlett.  He was the worst kind of man in Scarlett but i still was a gonner the second i saw that mans eyes, the way he stands (theres something about it) and that voice of his that i just wish would wake me up in the morning with at "good morning darling.." *shivers* okay... back to the real world.  from that moment on i tracked down every one of his movies and kept a good watch on all the movies that he was going to come out with.  So to gift you all, heres the picture that i remember the most that captivated me...



*sighs* that man is gorgeous..

okay, yes... so what are everyone elses first memories of him? repost with a delish picture that was from your movie or tv. show...  and if you would .. repost with "my first bean experience" ... i think this will be interesting to find out when/where we first found out about mr. Bean :)

Au revoir 


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